Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quebec Pot is the Cheapest in Canada

As more and more places decide to legalize the selling and use of marijuana, prices of pot are constantly fluctuating. Depending on the economy and where they are getting their supply from, different locations can have drastically different prices. According to a new study by SurveyMonkey, Quebec offers the lowest price for weed in Canada.

Key findings

·      The national average in Canada for a gram of marijuana is is $6.83
·      The Northwest Territories are charging significantly more than the rest of the country at $9.35 per gram
·      Ontario was one of the pricier big cities coming in at $7.38 per gram, followed by Prairies ($7.25), Atlantic ($7.04), and B.C. ($6.93)
·      The cheapest weed can be found in Quebec, where the average for a gram is $5.89
·      Canadians reported that the price would be lower if they purchased a greater amount of it. The average price when only buying one gram was $8.36 whereas the price per gram dropped down to $5.48 when purchasing 28 grams at a time.
·      The average price for medical purposes was $7.21 while recreational marijuana was reported at an average of $6.78 per gram


This Surveymonkey online poll was conducted from January 25 to February 28, 2018. It is based on responses from 17,139 people who consumed cannabis during this five-week period. Estimated prices included grams ranging from $2 to $20 and prices outside of this range were treated as outliers. The poll is taken among a sample of self-selected subjects and could include statistical biases.

The majority of responses received were from people who used cannabis for non-medical purposes. Most respondents also reported being daily users of cannabis and indicated that the marijuana they were purchasing was high quality. Very few respondents said they were getting low quality pot.

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