Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Captain Murphy

Alright, this one's pretty weird. For anyone who has been playing Grand Theft Auto V you may have heard Captain Murphy on Flying Lotus' station on his new song "Evil Grin." The first time I heard it, I got really excited because I was pretty sure it was a new Tyler, The Creator song, but it was by a name I had never seen. I did a Google Search on the name and I couldn't even believe what I found. Captain Murphy is undoubtedly the biggest mystery in rap right now, due to the fact that nobody knows who he is. Seriously, the identity of Captain Murphy is a secret, and on the mixtape he says no one will ever find out who he is. There is a lot of speculation of his identity. Most people believe that it must be a rapper who is already popular, because the album actually has a lot of starpower behind it (Flying Lotus himself actually produces some of it). It sounds almost exactly like Tyler, I'm not convinced it's not him even though he's denied it. For God's sake, Earl Sweatshirt is a feature on it, classic Tyler. However, some people say it's Zeroh or even Flying Lotus himself rapping. I think that sometimes it sounds like Aesop Rock.
Anyway, the album itself is very unique in its sound. It's a really psychedelic sound, with a lot of weird sound bites and trippy beats. Sometimes, there isn't even that much rapping. There are songs that are 4 minutes with 1 minute of rapping. It's something different that needs to be heard to be understood. The fact that there is anonymity makes it all the better, adding to the this weird feeling of seeming confused and lost. Honestly, I'm not gonna try and describe it anymore, just put on your headphones and listen to it yourself.

UPDATE: Ok, I didn't see it before, but it's already been confirmed that it's Flying Lotus himself rapping

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