Monday, April 28, 2014

Russ-Brain Dead

DIEMON member Russ Vitale drops his mixtape Brain Dead. The self-produced mixtape follows a strict rise and fall format. Switching between rap and a R&B/Reggae fuse. The slower songs are a refreshing break from the R&B standard today(Future, The Weeknd, Jhené Aiko). The production on the slower tracks have some reggae instrumentals and see Russ adding some soulful vocals. On the rap joints, his voice actually sounds pretty similar to Eminem but his flow is unique. It's choppy but it still works thanks to the insane amount of energy he brings. The lyrics are pretty LSD influenced, and while not quite at Acid Rap level they entertain over the wide range of beats, from Kanye-esque soul samples to keyboard heavy bars. The production is simple as it is on many self-produced mixtapes and I'd love to see what Russ could do over a veteran producer's work. Download Brain Dead today.

Best Tracks: "Lucy", "Murder Me", "Purple"

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer 2014 Playlist

So yesterday I finally caught up on posting all of the music I had found but not put on the blog and I decided to celebrate. With the sun coming out and the temperature finally reaching 80º in Dallas, I felt it appropriate to compile a playlist for the Summer. This music is meant to be played in your car, windows down, driving around in warm weather. I'll be adding more tracks to it all throughout the season.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lorde-Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

Fuck the haters, I may never get sick of Lorde remixes. Flume's remix of the New Zealand 17-year old's single "Tennis Court" is no exception. Flume keeps the dynamite verses in the song but greatly improves on the poor chorus, adding some really awesome drops that only Flume could create.

Logic-Alright (feat. Big Sean)

Maryland rapper Logic drops another new track from his upcoming album, date TBA. This time he teams up with Big Sean and producer Tae Beast and flexes his skills as a lyricist and a rapper with a deadly flow. But honestly, the thing that makes this song so great is Sean Don, who spits indisputably the best rap line of all time, "She doin tricks with her pussy, I guess she a vagician." Bravo, never change.


UK producer ZZZ releases their new track "Honey." The highly caffeinated joint shows ZZZ's incredible flexibility, using a ridiculous combination of synths and samples (Even a little bit of Smash Bros.). The jersey club music is an obvious influence on "Honey" but certainly a step-up from the previous standards of the genre.

Vacationer-The Wild Life

Vacationer is back with their new track "The Wild Life." As soon as you press play you'll begin to realize that summer is oh so close. The upbeat anthem uses all kinds of Caribbean vibes and instruments that's sure to have me blasting this obnoxiously throughout Dallas. "The Wild Life" will be featured on the Vacationer's next album Relief, out June 24.

Rvdical the Kid & MisterMack-Ethereal

Baltimore producer Rvdical the Kid may be a newcomer to producing but he's blowing up the game with his innovational songs. Rvdical teams with Maryland producer MisterMack on "Ethereal" and creates his best song yet, which may not be that meaningful of a statement since he only has two others but still it's really damn good. The duo uses some amazing snares, percussion, and tons of other incredible sounds that create a perfect harmony.

Oddisee-Killing Time

D.C. rapper Oddisee is finally getting some looks for his November mixtape Tangible Dream. The hit single "Killing Time" features Oddisee dropping some great bars and a catchy hook over a chilling beat. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Only 15 days after his The God Complex mixtape GoldLink pairs with incredible producer Sango for his best song yet. Sango's combination of the flute sample and some percussion creates a perfect soundscape for GoldLink to lay down some of his fast-paced bars.

Street Joy-Same As Me

LA alternative band Street Joy releases their third single "Same As Me". The smooth jam shows the band's instrumental talent and the lead singer's perfect alternative rock voice.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Benjamin Francis Leftwich-Shine (Kygo Remix)

Kygo can't be stopped. The Norwegian producer is constantly dropping incredible remixes and is gaining incredible traction. This time, he works his magic on Benjamin Francis Leftwich's "Shine."

Sticky Fingers-Gold Snafu

Melbourne band Sticky Fingers is back with their best song yet, "Gold Snafu." The upbeat track starts off with some flute and goes into a repetitive lick. The lead singer creates a great melody, though, which sounds like something from Smash Mouth circa 1997 until the song breaks into a mixture of little girls singing, an increase in instruments, and some awesome harmonizing.


Reggae band Magic! from...Canada... released their first single back in October but I just recently found this one. It's got that great reggae-rock/ska sound that I love so much.

Bryce Vine-Lazy Fair EP

Meet the new face of summer frat rap. LA rapper Bryce Vine has just released his first album Lazy Fair EP and needless to say it's impressive. The songs all share that feel good rap sound that is meant to played through the speakers of your car on a warm day.

Best Songs: "Guilty Pleasure", "Sour Patch Kids", "Where The Wild Things Are"

Purpose-Nick Saban

I'll admit, "Nick Saban" isn't my usual track. It's got a pretty basic beat and typical, admittedly poor lyrics with the exception of some good wordplay. I don't really care though, Purpose is the kind of guilty pleasure rap that you can't really explain why you love it so much, but you undeniably do. If you like him talk him up, the Spokane, Washington rapper already released a mixtape and is trying to graduate from the minor league.

Elliot Moss-Slip

When I first heard "Slip" the first thought I had was "How the hell have I not heard of Elliot Moss before?". Turns out the New York singer released his first album, composed of 10 songs, all the way back in October. I listened to the whole album immediately and it's obvious the guy has a lot of talent. His music consists of beautifully composed dark alternative electronic songs with emotional lyrics that aren't quite seen as often as they used to be. I was even more baffled when I discovered that Elliot Moss also produced all of his Highspeeds album. Though I highly recommend the album, it's "Slip" that truly showcases future star Elliot Moss' skills as a musician.


Melbourne band Yeo is blowing up ever since their single "Kobe" dropped. The cheerful track comes with a catchy chorus and some cool synths.

Mr. Little Jeans-Good Mistake (Y&S $500 Remix)

Mr. Little Jeans' single "Good Mistake" gets an awesome Y&S $500 remix. The producer takes the singers smooth voice and adds some incredibly innovative beats and makes a chill trap song.

Le P-History (ft. Michael Jackson)

Norwegian producer Le P drops a fantastic synth heavy track with a killer Michael Jackson sample to keep "History" fresh for the full 5 minutes.

Daye Jack-Save My Soul

Just when I had started forgetting about Daye Jack, he drops another single. It was only a couple of months ago that he dropped his superb Hello World mixtape and he's already putting a new track on Soundcloud. "Save My Soul" brings back the best parts of his debut project. With a great singing voice, a dynamic flow, and great lyrics, "Save My Soul" is a song that people need to hear.

Collins.-Draft Day Freestyle

I.M.G. favorite Collins. releases some more music only a couple of months after his debut mixtape Sincerely, The Mixtape. The Phoenix rapper puts some bars over Drake's "Draft Day" beat and further proves his impressive lyricism.

PHOX-Slow Motion

Wisconsin band PHOX releases their first single. The six-piece indie pop band makes their a debut a hit thanks to the smooth instrumentals and the impressive voice of lead singer Monica Martin. Their first album, PHOX, is slated for a June 24 release date.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

L'homme aux 4 lettres-Kimono

French producer L'homme aux 4 lettres releases his first single in a year, entitled "Kimono." With awesome percussion and a great high pitched electronic beat, this song is all kinds of awesome.

SZA-Babylon (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

TDE songstress SZA has a second single from her debut album Z. The result is a calmer Jhene Aiko with a killer Kendrick Lamar verse, who sounds like he might be pulling away from the screaming stuff he's been dropping recently.

The Neighbourhood-Honest

California band The Neighbourhood release a new song for The Amazing Spider Man 2, "Honest." It's not a big step from what they featured on their I Love You album as The Neighbourhood sticks to what they know their fans love. No telling if this will be on an upcoming album or was just a throwaway, but if it was the ladder then I'm really excited for their next project.

Pharrell-Happy (NEUS Remix)

As much as I love Skateboard P, "Happy" didn't wow me as much as it did a lot of people. I didn't hate it or anything but I only listened to it when it was on the radio and even then it started to lose its appeal quickly. Luckily, skilled producer NEUS gave "Happy" a great remix and adds a more funky and simple beat. In my opinion, it works so much better than the original production and really changes the song for the better. Still can't beat N.E.R.D. though...

Redline Graffiti-The Drill EP

Washington D.C. outfit Redline Graffiti have recently released their 5-track EP The Drill. As you can here on "Mayfair", the group sounds a lot like Frank Ocean. Not just because of the lead singer's voice either. The tone of the songs and the electronic production draw numerous similarities. While they don't have the same type of introspective lyrics, they're definitely a band to look out for.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Lucki Eck$-All Senses

There's no doubt in my mind that Chicago's rap game is far and away the best in the game right now. Ever since the rise of Save Money (Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa), it seems as if every time I find a great new rapper he's from the Windy City. Lucki Eck$ is the most recent example of this, who spits some great verses over Hot Sugars smooth production. "All Senses" will be featured on the Closed Sessions Vol. 3 album later this year.

Chance The Rapper-The Writer

So producer Apollo Brown just dropped a whole bunch of old, unreleased music. On this cut, he let out a 2012 track called "The Writer" that Chance The Rapper rhymes on. Go to the 5:20 mark to hear Chance's part. The insropective lyrics work great over the chill piano keys.

Ziggy Marley-I Don't Wanna Live On Mars

When I first heard this track I realized how long it had been since I had found a good Reggae-Rock track. 2 year ago, this was all I listened to. Bands like The Dirty Heads, Ballyhoo, Passafire, and Slightly Stoopid were my life. Of course, I saw this song because I had already loved Ziggy Marley, too. "I Don't Wanna Live On Mars" has the perfect combination of electric guitar and good vibe reggae sounds.' Myself (LiTek Remix)'s mega collab track "Feelin' Myself" gets a makeover from producer LiTek. Giving the main beat a more electronic, keyboard oriented sound. He strips the song of all of the bad guest verses and adds in a great drop instead.

Rita Satch-Love You Like I Do

Melbourne artist Rita Satch drops her first single since her Awoken EP from 2011. "Love You Like I Do" is definitely the way to begin her comeback, though. It's a great R&B/Soul track with smooth melodies and a great voice.

Alex Wiley-Vibration

Alex Wiley is finally starting to get recognized. He's been on the rise ever since his Club Wiley mixtape, which had features from Chance, Vic Mensa, Action Bronson, and Freddie Gibbs. However, I'll admit he's never really shined as great on one of his solo tracks. That all changed with "Vibration", though. The short song has Wiley spitting a verse that sounds like a combination of Chance The Rapper and Schoolboy Q, which is awesome. Not only that, but he actually makes autotune sound good in this song, which is the first time that's happened since "Love Lockdown.""Vibration" will be featured on his upcoming project Village Party.

Jonwayne-The Desert (Feat. Oliver The 2nd)

Jonwayne is often referred to as the most underrated rapper in the game. I would have to agree that he's definitely up there, ever since his album Rap Album One I haven't been able to get enough of him. His incredible production skills and gritty flow makes every song of his a unique, awesome underground track. "The Desert" is no different, with a a chilling beat made of what sounds like a harp and an invasive single piano key. Jonwayne also enlists up-and-coming Chi-town rapper Oliver The 2nd, who delivers a pretty good verse as well.

Fickle Friends-Play

Recently formed English band Fickle Friends drop their second single, "Play." Like their debut song, it's a great alternative jam that will be playing on repeat this summer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sir Sly-Gold (Feat. Vic Mensa & Kami De Chukwu) (Petter CottonTale Remix)

Chicago group Save Money takes a crack at Sir Sly's hit single "Gold." Peter CottonTale, constant collaborator of Chance The Rapper and some other Save Money members strips the song of most of its instruments and adds some cool cuts and synths to layout a beat for Vic Mensa and Kami De Chukwu.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RDGLDGRN-Red Gold Green LP

RDGLDGRN is a new but quickly rising band out of Virginia. Their gimmick is that each member wears a different color, one red, one gold, one green, and nothing else. Red plays the guitar, Gold plays the bass and sings vocals, and Green also plays guitars and raps. The combination of the instruments with the rap gives the band a unique sound, a sound that caught the attention of both superstar Pharrell and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl. Each helped the group find a sound that works on the Red Gold Green LP. The 3 also love to make great music videos, with 5 already made from an 11 track LP.

Best Tracks: "Million Fans", "I Love Lamp", "Power Ups", "Doing The Most"

Asaad-Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow (ft. Ab-Soul)

Philly Rapper Asaad gets some help from TDE's Ab-Soul on the new single "Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow." Named after the Chilean screenwriter, the track is from his new stellar mixtape Flowers II.

ProbCause-LSD (ft. Chance The Rapper) (The Hood Internet Remix)

Chicago producer The Hood Internet remixes two fellow Windy City artists' collab rap "LSD." The producer makes a smoother beat and adds a classic chorus to make this sound like an entirely different song.


Not much is known about producer AAZAR except for that he's obviously talented at making awesome trap beats. The first people heard of him was when he worked with UZ on "Shake" and then again when he and the rest of the collective Point Point released "Life in Grey." "Reload" is more similar to "Shake" with hard hitting drops that continue to change enough to keep the track fresh throughout.

Born Ruffians-Oh Cecilia

Toronto outfit Born Ruffians release a new single "Oh Cecilia." The indie rock song is a follow up to last year's Birthmarks album and has me excited for whatever they have planned next.

The Drops-Atalante (20syl Remix)

20syl, the genius french producer behind the Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q remixes releases a reworking of The Drops' "Atlante." 20syl keeps in the jazz elements of the song like the awesome sax parts and adds some great electro beats.

Workout-Life Is A Nightmare

Alright, I gotta start catching up on some posts. Some may be a lot more succinct than others, but it's the music that matters not my writing. First up, New York band Workout recently released their Rockit Science album. On it was the hit single, "Life Is A Nightmare", with a riff that sounds like it was ripped from an Arctic Monkeys track and some pretty weird lyrics.

Friday, April 11, 2014

GoldLink-Planet Paradise

Up-and-coming rapper GoldLink releases his new single "Planet Paradise." GoldLink gained a lot of popularity from his impressive performances at SXSW and just released his debut mixtape The God Complex. "Planet Paradise" is definitely the best song on the mixtape, which shows GoldLink showing his skills over Louie Lastic's fast-paced beat. 


Cleveland natives SomeKindaWonderful release their debut single "Reverse." The band uniquely tells the story of a man cheating on his girlfriend, but tells it all backwards. SomeKindaWonderful makes  the powerful track thanks to the lead singer's strong vocals and brooding instrumentals.

Rob Cantor-Old Bike

LA Singer/Songwriter Rob Cantor drops the single "Old Bike." Newcomer Cantor has that kind of Fun. and Queen sound. His voice sounds great with minimal, quiet instrumentals, but he's not afraid do bring in an orchestra of instruments and great production to give the song some uplifting energy.

SAINT MOTEL-Ace In A Hole (Wize Remix)

Indie rock band SAINT MOTEL's hit single "Ace In A Hole" is given a great update by french producer Wize. Wize turns the slow jam into an electrically charged track with the help of some synthesizers.

Only Real-Cadillac Girl

British artist Only Real drops his new single from his upcoming album Cadillac Girl. Though he hails from London, this song sounds more like a SoCal summer jam, as well as the artwork. Look for Cadillac Girl on iTunes April 14th.

Dog Blood-Middle Finger (S-Type Remix)

Glasgow producer S-Type remixes Dog Blood's "Middle Finger"

Monday, April 7, 2014

Gravis-Poetic Horns (Kendrick Lamar X ELOQ Mashup)

Gravis combines ELOQ's music with Kendrick Lamar and Drake's "Poetic Justice." The song is may even be better then the original, stripping it of it's chorus and giving it an electrified beat to make the remix more of a powerhouse than the good kid, m.A.A.d. city version.

Jaymes Young-Habits Of My Heart

Jaymes Young covers Sufjan Stevens "Habits Of My Heart." The piano and percussion on the track that accompany Young's voice are what make this song so enjoyable.

Friday, April 4, 2014

RÜFÜS-Take Me (Chloe Martini Remix)

Chloe Martini remixes RÜFÜS' dance single "Take Me" and turns it into an incredibly relaxing song.

D/C-Daughter, Daughter

British singer/songwriter D/C drops the beautiful "Daughter, Daughter", which features a simple beat of percussion and a little guitar that keeps the focus on the great vocals.

Dr. Dre-Forgot About Dre (The Golden Pony Remix)

Brooklyn electronic duo The Golden Pony remix Dre's classic off 2001, turning the aggressive rap joint into a great dance track.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Waldo-Kobe's Room (Revision)

Waldo drops a revision of "Kobe's Room" off of his NSDE/OUTSDE EP. He's a newcomer but quickly gaining popularity, right now he's touring in California. Also check out "Purple Heart", another solid track of his.

Point Point-Life In Grey

Point Point is a bit of a mystery right now. Out of nowhere, "Life In Grey" drops and gains some well deserved attention. If you go to Point Point's Soundcloud page you'll see some reposts, this one track, no description of him, or her, or them, and a white canvas as his profile picture as well as the art for "Life In Grey." Intriguing, indeed.