Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thelonious Martin x Evan Holt-The Temptations

When I first found the mixtape The Temptations I was amazed I had never heard of anyone involved with it, because it sounds incredible. The entire album as a whole is solid and it blows my mind that it's flying under the radar since being released last week. First off, this is not a rap duo, Martin is the producer and Holt is the rapper, and holy shit do these guys have chemistry. I haven't heard beats stand out on an album this much since Run The Jewels. Unlike Run The Jewels however, the beats don't need to be complex and frequently changing to be appreciated, they just run for 3 minutes while Holt spits ill rhymes over them. The way that Holt's flow works so incredibly, almost perfectly, with Martin's production is what makes this release one of my favorite of the year.

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