Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hopsin-Knock Madness (Album Stream)

After discovering his album had leaked, Hopsin decided to stream it himself on Youtube. Knock Madness is the Los Angeles emcee's 3rd studio album and features 17 tracks. If you're hoping that Hopsin has turned a new leaf, you will be disappointed by this album, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. The lyrics themselves are pretty good, but they're not fresh. They're mostly about how he's sick of hip-hop and all the people involved in it, and it's laced with the signature Hopsin style, dark and aggressive with a bit of humor, similar to Eminem's old stuff. He eventually drops the bomb that this will be his last album on "I Need Help" and it doesn't come as much of shock considering he had a meltdown on Twitter just a few weeks before the album dropped. While I'm a bit sad, I think it's the right call. He's made a lot of music in his career and he's said what he wanted to say. However, I wish he would have made this album a little bit more distinguished from the last two, it being his last and all. The album has its stand out tracks, but also some pretty stale ones. Hopsin produces the whole thing like he usually does, and again, nothing new here. The beats aren't really dynamic, with the exception of "Rip Your Heart Out." Sometimes the repetitiveness isn't a problem as Hopsin can divert your attention with his bars, but sometimes it just gets boring. In my opinion, the album isn't really meant to be listened to as a whole, it's just a collection of songs that don't seem very related. It's a shame considering it took 3 years for the album to be released. If it really took him this long to make an album that is pretty much a replica of his last, it probably is time to retire. It's not that this album is bad, it's just not a departure from his old stuff, it seems his days of maturing as an artist are over. If you like Hopsin, give the album a listen, there are some great tracks on it and if you like Hopsin's style then you should definitely enjoy the album.

Best Songs: "Hop Is Back", "Rip Your Heart Out", "Hip Hop Sinister"

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