Monday, April 28, 2014

Russ-Brain Dead

DIEMON member Russ Vitale drops his mixtape Brain Dead. The self-produced mixtape follows a strict rise and fall format. Switching between rap and a R&B/Reggae fuse. The slower songs are a refreshing break from the R&B standard today(Future, The Weeknd, JhenĂ© Aiko). The production on the slower tracks have some reggae instrumentals and see Russ adding some soulful vocals. On the rap joints, his voice actually sounds pretty similar to Eminem but his flow is unique. It's choppy but it still works thanks to the insane amount of energy he brings. The lyrics are pretty LSD influenced, and while not quite at Acid Rap level they entertain over the wide range of beats, from Kanye-esque soul samples to keyboard heavy bars. The production is simple as it is on many self-produced mixtapes and I'd love to see what Russ could do over a veteran producer's work. Download Brain Dead today.

Best Tracks: "Lucy", "Murder Me", "Purple"

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