Thursday, September 25, 2014

I.M.G. Playlist 1

I haven't posted once since school started and I apologize. Life is hectic right now, between school, college applications, my job at Brookstone, and Destiny, I haven't made time for this blog. So for my 3 readers who are incapable of finding music on their own, I have found a solution. Every 10 (good) songs that I find, I will make a playlist and post it to the blog. I'll tell you the must hears and the notable projects they come from. First up starts with Noname Gypsy's new single, "Dizzy." I found Gypsy after her collab with Chance and have been impressed with everything I've heard since. Then there's "Envy" by Clique, a song with a heavy drop that I heard on Vine (yes, I am ashamed). There's the hauntingly beautiful "Come Back For Me" by Jaymes Young and a new track from the Andre 3000-esque Eric Biddiness (What up, Seven?). There's also a new banger from my favorite west coast duo Audio Push. Finally, there's my favorite, "Human" by Jon Bellion. Bellion is part of Visionary Music Group (Logic, QuESt). He recently dropped his new mixtape, The Definition, and I would definitely recommend it. His upbeat and unconventional production along with amazing vocals and lyrics will show you why he is one of the fastest growing artists right now.

Must-Hears: "RAILROADS DOWN 2/ INDEPENDANCE DAY", "OTW", and "Human"

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