Monday, January 20, 2014

Wet-No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix ft. Spank Jones)

While you may not have heard the name before, you've probably heard some of his work. Formerly Xaphoon Jones, Noah Breakfast recently split from the duo known as Chiddy Bang, known best for their remix of MGMT's "Kids", titled "Opposite of Adults." After the split, Chiddy alone announced he was to release his new mixtape Baggage Claim in September. After releasing two singles, the mixtape didn't drop and no new release date has been set. Now, under his new moniker, Breakfast releases his remix of the up-and-coming band Wet's single, "No Lie." Noah Breakfast turns the song, which I found to be a little boring originally, into an infectious symphony of bass and Kelly Zutrau's beautiful singing voice. Rapper Spank Jones also adds a short but respectable verse. The remix is a great sign of what's to come from Noah Breakfast in the future. In his first release, he completed what I believe was an unfinished track.

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